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The nursing team at Calvert City Convalescent Center is committed to providing holistic care for each resident.  We realize that change is difficult for everyone and giving up the comforts and independence of living at home can be particularly painful when added to the stress of a physical illness.

In an effort to provide quality services we have a formalized admission process and staffing provisions to accommodate the more clinically complex resident.  The type of resident care that is needed at the time of admission is the major factor utilized to determine appropriate placement in one of two nursing facility levels of care.  The levels of nursing care available are:


  • Daily nursing care by a registered nurse
  • Feeding tubes for nutrition
  • Intravenous treatments
  • Decrease in level of functioning that would require physical or occupational therapy on a daily basis
  • Extensive wound or skin care
    **Note: this is the type of care that Medicare and Private Insurance will cover.


  • The resident needs care that does not require a registered nurse.  The care can be provided by a licensed practical nurse or a nursing assistant under the supervision or a registered nurse.  Some examples of nursing facility care needs are:  assistance with combinations of bathing, dressing, feeding, walking, routine catheter care, oxygen, bowel and bladder incontinence.
    **Note :  Medicare and most private insurances do not cover nursing facility care.  Medicaid does cover nursing facility care.

The Calvert City Convalescent Center Nursing Team looks forward to helping with your placement needs. Please feel free to visit the facility at any time and, if you have questions or concerns, nursing staff will be happy to meet with you and take you on a tour of the facility.

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